12V 5A 60W LCD Monitor DC AC Power Adapter Supply For LED Strip +cord New

  • Specifications:

    Output voltage: 12v ~ 4.5A/5A/6A 60Wat
    Size of Connector: 5.5 x 2.5mm
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Certificate: ROHS FCC CE Certification
    Condition: New
    Product Type: Replacement AC Adapter
    Input voltage: 100~240V 50 - 60Hz

    Buying the right adapter Tips:
    If the specifications are the same as your original one, this one should be fit.
    * Please check volt/p of your original adapter. 
    voltage deviation should be no more than 5%.
    For example, required voltage is 19v, 18.05v to 19.95v will do the job.
    * Amperage value should equal or exceed original.
    If laptop needs 3.42a , then 4.7a is OK – the laptop will take 3.42a as needed.
    * Check AC adapter connector shape thoroughly

    Compatible List:

    Most models are not listed. Please contact us if you are not sure which to choose.

    Compatible Part Number:

    ADP-15HB, PSA31U 120, HP 0950-3415, LSE9901B1250 LSE9802A1240,, HP F1044B, F1044A, ADPC12350BB , HP F1044B F1044A ADPC12416BB,X2gen MW22U

    Compatible Monitor Models:

    Acer LCD Monitors: AC501, AC711, AC915, AF705, AL506, AL511, AL512, AL532, AL712, AL713, AL715, AL716, AL722, AL732, AL922
    BenQ LCD Monitors: FP2081 , FP450 , FP547 , FP553 , FP557 , FP563 , FP567 , FP581 , FP581 , FP591 , FP731 , FP747 , FP767 , FP791 , FP855 , FP991 ,
    CTX: P922E, PV500BT, PV505B, PV520, PV700, PV720, PV720A, PV722E, PV722I, PV740MDV, PV910MD, PV5500B, S500
    HP LCD: PAVILION 1503, D5061-A, F1503, 1703, F1703, L1800 ,
    Megavision: LCD Monitors: MV140, MV151, MV170, MV171, MV173
    Planar: PL120, PL150, PL170, PL170M, PL171M, PL190, PL190M, PL191M, PX191,PX171M
    Princeton Senergy: 561, 751, 850, 981, 2081
    Slimage: 180TUA, 1920A, 200A, 400A, 401MSR, 510A, 610A, 710A, 821A
    SONY: LCD Monitors JTX V9, SDM-HS53, JTX V7
    HP Omnibook 300, 400, 425, 500, 600, 600C, 600CT, 800, 800CT, 2000, 5000, 5500, 5700, 5700CT and 5700CTS Series

     Package Included:

    1 x AC Adapter
    1 x Free UK FUSE Power Plug 

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