14.4V 3000mAh Ni-MH Battery For Ryobi BPP-1413 BPP-1415 BPP-1417 BPP1420 CDI1443

  • Description

    • Type: Ni-MH

    • Voltage: 14.4V

    • Capacity:3000mAh

    • Weight:750g

    • Factory outlet, you can get the best deal and professional after-sale service

    • FCC, CE and RoHS certified, 100% compatible with the originals and may exceed the performance of OEM products

    • No memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity

    • Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit or internal overheating

    1311166, 1314702, 1322547
    1400144, 1400655, 1400656, 1400669, 1400670, 1400671, 4400011
    130111073, 130224010, 130224011, 130224017, 130240010, 130245005, 130281002
    BPP1413, BPP1415, BPP1417, BPP-1413, BPP-1415, BPP-1417, BPP-1420, B-1415-S, B-1442T

    Fit for: (Please search with "Ctrl+F" )
    Ryobi CDL1441P, Ryobi CBI1442D, Ryobi CID1442P, Ryobi CDI-1443
    Ryobi FL1400,
    Ryobi R10520, R10521, RY1420,
    Ryobi RY62, RY6200, RY6201, RY6202,
    Ryobi STPP-1441
    Ryobi BDT1442, BDT-1442
    Ryobi C Series
    Ryobi CAP144
    Ryobi CCD-1441
    Ryobi CDL1442D, CDL1442P, CDL1442P4, CDT1440, CDT144, CDT-1440, CDI1443, CDI1441, CDI1440, CDI-1443SE, CDI-1443, CDI-1440
    Ryobi CMD1442, CMD-1442, CMI1442, CMI-1442
    Ryobi CPD-1440, CPD-1440
    Ryobi CTH1442, CTH-1442, CTH1442K2, CTH-1442K2
    Ryobi CW1440
    Ryobi HP Series
    Ryobi HP1441, HP1441M, HP1441MK2
    Ryobi HP1442M, HP1442MK2
    Ryobi HP214
    Ryobi HP7200K2, HP7200MK2, HP7200NK2

    Package Includes:

    • 1x14.4V 3.0AH Ni-MH Battery for Ryobi BPP1413 BPP1415 BPP1417 BPP1420 CDI-1443
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