18.5V 6.5A AC Power Charger for HP Pavilion zd8000 zd8300 nx9600

  • Specifications:

    Output voltage: 18.5V ~6.5A 120W
    Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz
    Size of Connector: oval tip
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Certificate: ROHS FCC CE Certification
    Condition: New
    Product Type: Replacement AC Adapter

    Buying the right adapter Tips:
    If the specifications are the same as your original one, this one should be fit.
    * Please check volt/p of your original adapter. 
    voltage deviation should be no more than 5%.
    For example, required voltage is 19v, 18.05v to 19.95v will do the job.
    * Amperage value should equal or exceed original.
    If laptop needs 3.42a , then 4.7a is OK – the laptop will take 3.42a as needed.
    * Check AC adapter connector shape thoroughly
    High quality generic replacement laptop AC adapter. Sealed for protection against moisture and humidity.
    Laptop safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating. 
    100% compatibility with the original.

    Compatible List:

    Most models are not listed. Please contact us if you are not sure which to choose. 
    Ctrl + F (fast search) 

    Compatible Part Number: 
    HP-OW135F13, 375117-001, 374427-002, 378768-001, 394903-001, HSTNN-HA01, 375143-001, 394208-001, EA350A#ABA, EA350A, PA-1121-12HD, PPP017L, PPP003SD, 394211-001, 394210-001, 374429-001, 394211-001, 374429-001, 375118-001, 394210-001, 374429-002, PPP014LL, HP-OL091B132, PA-1900-15HD, 375143-001, 375126-001, PPP014H, EA350A, 394209-001

    Compatible Laptop Models: 
    HP Pavilion ZV6000 Series: 
    zv6000, zv6000 (CTO), zv6001xx, zv6002xx, zv6003xx, zv6004EA, zv6004xx, zv6005us, zv6006EA, zv6007US, zv6008cl, zv6009EA, zv6009us, zv6010ea, zv6010us, zv6011EA, zv6013ea, zv6015US, zv6017EA, zv6020ea, zv6024EA, zv6025EA, zv6026EA, zv6027EA, zv6028ea, zv6029ea, zv6061ea, zv6062ea, zv6064ea, zv6065EA, zv6066ea, zv6067EA, zv6068ea, zv6069ea, zv6090EA and more... 

    HP Pavilion ZV6100 Series: 
    zv6100, zv6107wm, zv6114ea, zv6115ea, zv6123cl, zv6126ea, zv6129ea, zv6130ea, zv6130US, zv6131ea, zv6131US, zv6147ea, zv6148ea, zv6149ea, zv6150ea, zv6151ea, zv6152ea, zv6153ea, zv6156ea, zv6158ea, zv6170ca, zv6170US, zv6174ea, zv6179ea, zv6180ea, zv6181ea, zv6195ea, zv6196ea and more...HP Pavilion ZV6200 Series: zv6214ea, zv6223cl, zv6230ca, zv6233nr, zv6245ea, zv6246ea, zv6252ea, zv6270us, zv6295ea and more...

    Compaq Presario R4000 Series: 
    R4000, R4000 CTO, R4001, R4001XX, R4002, R4002XX, R4003, R4003EA, R4003XX, R4005, R4005EA, R4006, R4006EA, R4009, R4009EA, R4010, R4010CA, R4010US, R4012, R4012EA, R4012US, R4015, R4015EA, R4016, R4016EA, R4017, R4017EA, R4024, R4024EA, R4025, R4025CA, R4025EA, R4025US, R4026, R4026EA, R4028, R4028EA, R4029, R4029EA, R4030, R4030EA, R4031, R4031EA, R4035, R4035CA, R4060, R4060EA, R4065, R4065EA, R4075, R4075EA and more... 

    Compaq Presario R4100 Series: 
    R4100, R4100 CTO, R4114, R4114EA, R4115, R4115EA, R4115US, R4125, R4125CA, R4125EA, R4125US, R4126, R4126EA, R4127, R4127EA, R4127US, R4130, R4130EA, R4145, R4145EA, R4146, R4146EA, R4150, R4150EA, R4155, R4155EA, R4157, R4157EA and more...

    Compaq Presario R4200 Series: 
    R4200, R4205, R4205EA, R4206, R4206EA, R4208, R4208EA, R4209, R4209EA, R4218, R4218EA, R4219, R4219EA, R4220, R4220EA, R4222, R4222EA, R4225, R4225C and more... 

    Compaq Presario X6000 Series:
    X6000, X6050CA, X6050US, X6070US, X6100, X6110US, X6001XX, X6002XX, X6003XX It will work with some ZD8000 models that run on 120W power.

    Package Included:

    1 x AC Adapter
    1 x Free UK FUSE Power Plug 

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