19V 2.1A 2.37A AC Power Adapter for LG Electronics 19"20"22"23"24"27"Monitor LG Flatron IPS236V

  •  19V 2.1A 2.37A AC Power Adapter for LG Electronics 19"20"22"23"24"27"Monitor LG Flatron IPS236V IPS236-PN IPS277L E2351T-BN E2750VR-SN E2750VR E2290T E2360T E2350T E2242C-BN E1951S 22EN33S E2242C 24EN33TW-B 25UW64 27ea31 27EA33V 27mp33hq LED LCD Monitor Widescreen LED LCD HDTV E1948S E2242C E2249 ADS-40FSG-19 LCAP16A-E LG 27UD68-W 27UD69P 29UM68-P 29UM68 monitor Power Supply Charger


    • Input:World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz; Output: 19V 2.1A-2.37A Connector size :6.5*4.4mm / UK Power Cord Cable Included / CE, ROHS, TUV, UL,GS,REACH certified
    • Fits for : LG 19" 22" 23" 27" 19032G LG 22LN4510 ADS-40FSG ADS-40FSG-19 19032 / LG Flatron IPS236V IPS236-PN E2750VR-SN E2351T-BN,IPS277L-BN,27EA33V LED LCD Monitor Widescreen LED LCD HDTV / LG W2486L-PF W2486L W2486LPF for LG E1948S E2242C E2249 E1948SX W1947CY Ips237l-bn 23ea53r 23ea63t 23ea53t-p / LG E2351T-BN,IPS277L-BN,27EA33V LCD LED Monitor / LG ADS-40SG ADS-40SG-19-3 EAY6254930 LG 22EA63 22EN33S-B E2251T-BN 22EA53T 22EA63V-P 22EA53R E2248C-BN 22EN43T-B E2281VR-BN D2343P IPS236V-PN
    • More Compatibility,Please Pay Attention to Product Description.Or Use "Ctrl+F",Search your Models.
    • Package content:1x UK AC Adapter, 1* UK power cord cable /30 days free exchange, One year Warranty
    •  Laptop power supply for LG LED Monitor Flatron IPS236V, IPS236-PN, E2750VR-SN,32LH570B,24EN33S,24EN33T,24EN33T-B,24EN33V,24EN33V-B,24EN33TW,24EN33TW-B,24EN33VW,24EN33VW-B,24EN43V,24EN43V-B,24EN43VS,24EN43VS-B,24EA53V,24EA53V-P,24EC53V,24EC53V-P,23EA63V-P,27EA63V-P,27EA53V,27EA53V-P,27EA53VQ-P,27EN43V,27EN43V-B,D2343PB,D2343PB-BN,D2743PB,19EN33S,19EN33S-B,19EN33SW,19EN33SW-B,20EN33S,20EN33S-B,20EN33SS,20EN33SS-B,22EN33S,22EN33S-B,23EN33S,23EN33S-B,20EN33TS,20EN33TS-B,22EC33T,22EC33T-B,19EN33T


    Power Adapter Description 
    Extra Durable steel-reinforced tip for longer life 
    Overheating Protection with Smart Chip 
    Overload Protection with High Quality Components 
    Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials 
    High quality, fast delivery, perfect service 

    LG LED Monitor Flatron IPS236V, IPS236-PN, E2750VR-SN 
    LG Flatron 22" 23" 24" 27" LED Monitor 22EA53T-P,23" LED 23EA63V-P,26" Class Slim LED 26LN4500,27" Flatron LED 27EA63V-P 22LB4510,22LB4510-PU,22LN4510 

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