3.0Ah Ni-MH Panasonic 12V Drill Battery EY9200B EY9201B EY6405FQKW EY6409GQKW

  • Features:
    * Replacement battery for PANASONIC EY3000, EY6000, EY7000 Series Power Tools Battery.
    * New and in a good condition.
    * Made of durable and reliable material, harmless to your health.
    * It is easy to use, convenient to carry with.
    * The best replacement for the old or damaged one.
    * A great assistant for electric tools.
    * Provide convenience to charge your electric tool anytime and anywhere.

    Condition :New
    Product Type :Replacement Battery
    Battery Type :Ni-MH
    Voltage :12V
    Capacity :3000mAh
    Color :Yellow&Black
    Dimension :83.62 x 81.20 x 95.64 mm
    Weight :822.15 g per item

    Package includes:
    1 x battery pack

    "CTRL"+"F" to find your machine model/part number printed on your machine or original battery.

    Panasonic EY3000 Series 
      EY3502FQMKW, EY3503FQWKW, EY3550DQG,
      EY3790, EY3790B, EY3794B

    Panasonic EY6000 Series 
      EY6100FQKW, EY6101FQKW, EY6102CRKW,
      EY6105YQW, EY6405, EY6405FQKW,
      EY6406FQKW, EY6407NQKW, EY6409GQKW,
      EY6409NQKW, EY6506NQKW, EY6601BC,
      EY6803GQW, EY6902NQKW, EY6903GQKW,

    Panasonic EY7000 Series 
      EY7201GQKW, EY7202GQW, EY7206GQW,
      EY7270GQW, EY7271GQW


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