Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Mini Pavilion 646757-001 / MT03, 3100

  • 646757-001 / MT03 Battery for HP Mini PCs, HP 3100 Notebooks and HP Pavilion Series Laptops
    Technical Specifications:
    • Voltage: 10.8V
    • AmpHours: 4400mAh
    • Cells: 6
    • Color: Black


    Our new 6-cell 646757-001 / mt03 li-ion battery is designed to work with HP Mini PCs, HP 3100 notebooks and HP Pavilion series laptops. The battery is rated at 4400 mAh and contains Samsung battery cells. The battery is fully compatible with the following HP notebook models:

    HP Mini 200-4000 Series
    HP Mini 210-3000 Series
    HP Mini 210-4000 Series
    HP Mini 1100 Series
    HP Mini 2100 Series
    HP 3100 Notebook PC Series
    HP Pavilion DM1-4000 Series

    HP Mini 200-4000 Series:
    200-4206tu, 200-4205tu 

    HP Mini 210-3000 Series:
    210-3090et, 210-3080nr, 210-3070nr, 210-3070ca, 210-3067sz, 210-3062ez, 210-3061ez, 210-3060nr, 210-3060ez, 210-3060ca, 210-3053er, 210-3052er, 210-3051er, 210-3050sg, 210-3050nr, 210-3050ez, 210-3047sz, 210-3047ez, 210-3044ez, 210-3040nr, 210-3040ez, 210-3040ca, 210-3030se, 210-3030ez, 210-3030ee, 210-3026sf, 210-3026ef, 210-3025sf, 210-3025sa, 210-3025ef, 210-3024sf, 210-3024ef, 210-3022sf, 210-3022ef, 210-3021sf, 210-3021ef, 210-3020st, 210-3020ss, 210-3020sp, 210-3020sf, 210-3020se, 210-3020ep, 210-3020ef, 210-3020ee, 210-3018la, 210-3017la, 210-3016la, 210-3015la, 210-3012sl, 210-3011sx, 210-3011sl, 210-3010sx, 210-3010sw, 210-3010st, 210-3010ss, 210-3010sm, 210-3010sl, 210-3010se, 210-3010sd, 210-3010sb, 210-3010es, 210-3010em, 210-3010ee, 210-3005si, 210-3004ew, 210-3003si, 210-3003sa, 210-3003ew, 210-3002sv, 210-3002so, 210-3002sl, 210-3002sa, 210-3002ev, 210-3002er, 210-3001xx, 210-3001sv, 210-3001so, 210-3001sl, 210-3001si, 210-3001ev, 210-3001er, 210-3001ei, 210-3001ea, 210-3000sw, 210-3000sv, 210-3000st, 210-3000ss, 210-3000so, 210-3000sm, 210-3000sl, 210-3000sg, 210-3000sd, 210-3000sb, 210-3000sa, 210-3000ew, 210-3000ev, 210-3000er, 210-3000em, 210-3000ea, 210-3000 CTO, 210-3000 

    HP Mini 210-4000 Series:
    210-4001tu, 210-4000 CTO, 210-4000 

    HP Mini 1100 Series:

    HP Mini 2100 Series:
    2104, 2103 

    HP 3100 Notebook PC Series:

    HP Pavilion DM1-4000 Series:
    DM1-4099EJ, DM1-4074LA, DM1-4071LA, DM1-4070LA, DM1-4060la, DM1-4055SG, DM1-4055eg, DM1-4054NR, DM1-4051XX, DM1-4050US, DM1-4050LA, DM1-4039EG, DM1-4035EO, DM1-4034EO, DM1-4034ei, DM1-4033SF, DM1-4033EF, DM1-4030SF, DM1-4027SA, DM1-4027EA, DM1-4020SD, DM1-4020SA, DM1-4020EW, DM1-4020EA, DM1-4019AU, DM1-4018CA, DM1-4017tu, DM1-4016TU, DM1-4016AU, DM1-4015TU, DM1-4015AU, DM1-4014TU, DM1-4013TU, DM1-4013NR, DM1-4013AU, DM1-4012TU, DM1-4012AU, DM1-4011TU, DM1-4011AU, DM1-4010US, DM1-4010SS, DM1-4010SE, DM1-4010EZ, DM1-4010EP, DM1-4010EN, DM1-4010AU, DM1-4009UT, DM1-4009TU, DM1-4009AU, DM1-4008TU, DM1-4007UT, DM1-4007SZ, DM1-4006TU, DM1-4006SA, DM1-4006AU, DM1-4004SA, DM1-4003TU, DM1-4003AU, DM1-4002AU, DM1-4001XX, DM1-4001TU, DM1-4001AU, DM1-4000SP, DM1-4000SG, DM1-4000SE, DM1-4000SD, DM1-4000SB, DM1-4000ER, DM1-4000EP, DM1-4000EN, DM1-4000EJ, DM1-4000EG, DM1-4000EE, DM1-4000AU, DM1-4000 

    Best replacement for the following OEM part numbers: MT03, 646757-001, HSTNN-LB3B, MT06, 646755-001, HSTNN-YB3A, HSTNN-DB3B, HSTNN-LB3A, HSTNN-YB3B, A2Q96AA, LV953AA, TPN-Q101, TPN-Q102, 646657-251.

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