Canon CB-5L CG-580 Charger for BP-511-BP535 Series Batteries- Replacement

  • Mains Home/Car Battery Charger for CANON BP-508 BP-511 BP-511A BP-512 BP-514 FVM1 FVM10 IXY DVM MV300 MV300i MV30i, PV130 CANON DM-MV FV MV400 MV500 MV600 MV700 MVX Optura ZR Series Camcorder EOS 50D 40D 30D 20D Camera

    Technical Specifications:

    • Input voltage: AC 110V~240V
    • Charge: BP-508, BP-511, BP-511A, BP-512, BP-514, BP-522 or BP-535 Battery
    • Weight:5.0 oz
    • Type: Generic


    • 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipments and batteries
    • Microprocessor control charge
    • Overcharge protection
    • LED indicators for "Power" and "Charging Full"
    • Universal voltage input: 110v-240v
    • Including extra car adapter
    • CE certified and UL listed
    • 24 months warranty
    • Type: Generic


    Our CB-5L CG-560 CG-570 CG-580 "smart" charger for Canon BP-508, BP-511, BP-511A, BP-512, BP-514, BP-522 or BP-535 batteries comes with both wall and auto cigarette lighter adapter (car charger). The charger features world-traveler input voltage 110v-240v, smart circuit design and LED indicators with automatic current control to protect battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock. Works with the following Canon digital cameras and camcorders:
    DM-FV300 KIT, DMFV300, FV300
    DM-FV40 KIT, DMFV40, FV40
    DM-MV30, DMMV30, MV30
    DM-MV400, DMMV400, MV400
    DM-MV400i, DMMV400i, MV400i
    DM-MV430, DMMV430, MV430
    DM-MV450, DMMV450, MV450 
    DM-MV450i, DMMV450i, MV450i 
    DM-MV600, DMMV600, MV600 
    DM-MVX1i, DMMVX1i, MVX1i 
    EOS-10D, 10D
    EOS-1D, 1D
    EOS-5D, 5D
    EOS-20D, 20D
    EOS-30D, 30D
    EOS-40D, 40D
    EOS-50D, 50D
    EOS-300D, 300D
    EOS-D30, D30
    EOS-D60, D60
    EOS-Digital Rebel, EOS Digital Rebel
    FV300 KIT
    FV40 KIT
    IXY DVM 
    MV300, MV 300, MV-300
    MV300i, MV 300i, MV-300i, 300i
    MV30i, MV 30i, MV-30i, 301i  
    MV400, MV 400, MV-400
    MV400i, MV 400i, MV-400i, 400i
    MV430i, MV 430i, MV-430i, 430i
    MV450i, MV 450i, MV-450i, 450i
    MV500, MV 500, MV-500
    MV500i, MV 500i, MV-500i, 500i
    MV530i, MV 530i, MV-530i, 530i
    MV550i, MV 550i, MV-550i, 550i
    MV590, MV 590, MV-590 
    MV600, MV 600, MV-600
    MV600i, MV 600i, MV-600i, 600i 
    MV630i, MV 630i, MV-630i, 630i
    MV650i, MV 650i, MV-650i, 650i
    MV700, MV 700, MV-700 
    MV700i, MV 700i, MV-700i, 700i
    MV730i, MV 730i, MV-730i, 730i
    MV750i, MV 750i, MV-750i, 750i
    MVX100i, MV X100i, X100i
    MVX150i, MV X150i, X150i 
    MVX1i, MV X1i, X1i 
    MVX2i, MV X2i, X2i 
    MVX3i, MV X3i, X3i 
    MVXli, MV Xli, Xli
    Optura 10 
    Optura 100MC, Optura 100 MC
    Optura 20 
    Optura 200MC, Optura 200 MC
    Optura 50MC, Optura 50 MC
    Optura Pi 
    Optura Xi 
    PowerShot G1 
    PowerShot G2 
    PowerShot G2 
    PowerShot G3 
    PowerShot G5 
    PowerShot G5 Pro 
    PowerShot G6 
    PowerShot Pro1 
    PowerShot Pro90 IS 
    PV130, PV 130, PV-130 
    ZR-10, ZR10
    ZR-20, ZR20 
    ZR-25MC, ZR25MC
    ZR-30MC, ZR30MC
    ZR-40, ZR40 
    ZR-40A, ZR40A 
    ZR-45, ZR45 
    ZR-45MC, ZR45MC 
    ZR-50, ZR50 
    ZR-50MC, ZR50MC
    ZR-60, ZR60
    ZR-65MC, ZR65MC
    ZR-70MC, ZR70MC
    ZR-80, ZR80
    ZR-85, ZR85 
    ZR-90, ZR90
    and more models. 
    100% compatible with Canon CB-5L CB5L CG-560 CG560 CG-570 CG570 CG-580 CG580 battery charger. Best charge the following following OEM battery part numbers and other compatible batteries: 
    Canon BP-508, Canon BP-511, Canon BP-511A, Canon BP-512, Canon BP-522, Canon BP-535, Canon BP508, Canon BP511, Canon BP511A, Canon BP512, Canon BP522, Canon BP535.

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