Canon NB-2LH BP-2L5 Battery, Li-Ion - Replacement

  • Technical Specifications:

    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    • Volts: 7.2v / 7.4v
    • AmpHours: 750 mAh
    • Type: Generic
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: 1.78 x 1.32 x 0.63


    • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments and chargers
    • Premium Li-Ion Cell
    • Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime
    • Low impedance battery design
    • 12 months warranty


    Our NB-2LH battery is a replacement for OEM Canon NB-2LH camera/camcorder battery and is designed to work with many models of Canon PowerShot, Canon Rebel, and Canon IXUS cameras as well as with Canon Vixia, Canon DC, Canon Optura, Canon ZR, Canon Elura, Canon FVM, Canon MV and MVX camcorders. The NB 2LH battery is made with premium lithium-ion cells and tested for high performance and safety. Our NB 2LH battery works with the following Canon camera and camcorders models:
    Canon PowerShot S30 / Canon S30
    Canon PowerShot S40 / Canon S40
    Canon PowerShot S45 /Canon S45
    Canon PowerShot S50 /Canon S50
    Canon PowerShot S55 / Canon S55
    Canon PowerShot S60 /Canon S60
    Canon PowerShot S70 /Canon S70
    Canon PowerShot S80 / Canon S80
    Canon PowerShot G7 / Canon G7
    Canon PowerShot G9 / Canon G9
    Canon DC310
    Canon DC320
    Canon DC330
    Canon DC410
    Canon DC420
    Canon HV20
    Canon HG10
    Canon Digital Rebel XT / Canon Rebel XT / Canon XT
    Canon Digital Rebel XTi /Canon Rebel XTi / Canon XTi
    Canon EOS Kiss Digital N
    Canon EOS-350D, EOS 350D / Canon 350D
    Canon EOS-400D, EOS 400D / Canon 440D
    Canon Optura 30 / Optura 30
    Canon Optura 40 / Optura 40
    Canon Optura 50 / Optura 50
    Canon Optura 400 / Optura 400
    Canon Optura 500 / Optura 500
    Canon Optura 60 / Optura 60
    Canon ZR-100 / ZR100
    Canon ZR-200 / ZR200
    Canon ZR-300 / ZR300
    Canon ZR-400 / ZR400
    Canon ZR-500 / ZR500
    Canon ZR-600 / ZR600
    Canon ZR-700 / ZR700
    Canon Elura 40MC / Elura 40MC
    Canon Elura 50 / Elura 50
    Canon Elura 60 / Elura 60
    Canon Elura 65 / Elura 65
    Canon Elura 70 / Elura 70
    Canon Elura 80 / Elura 80
    Canon Elura 85 / Elura 85
    Canon Elura 90 / Elura 90
    Canon FVM20 / FVM20
    Canon FVM30 / FVM30
    Canon FVM100 KIT / FVM100
    Canon FVM200 / FVM200
    Canon FV500 / FV 500
    Canon IXY DV3 / IXY DV3
    Canon IXY DVM3 / IXY DMV3
    Canon IXY DV5 / IXY DV 5
    Canon MV5 / MV 5
    Canon MV5i / MV 5i
    Canon MV5iMC, MV5i MC
    Canon MV6iMC, MV6i MC
    Canon MV800, MV-800
    Canon MV830, MV-830
    Canon MV830i, MV-830i
    Canon MV850i, MV-850i
    Canon MV880X, MV-880X
    Canon MV920, MV-920
    Canon MVX20i, MV X20i, MVX-20i
    Canon MVX25i, MV X25i, MVX-25i
    Canon MVX30i, MV X30i, MVX-30i
    Canon MVX35i, MV X35i, MVX-35i
    Canon MVX40i, MV X40i, MVX-40i
    Canon MVX45i, MV X45i, MVX-45i
    Canon MVX200, MV X200, MVX-200
    Canon MVX200i, MV X200i, MVX-200i
    Canon MVX250i, MV X250i, MVX-250i
    Canon MVX300i, MV X300i, MVX-300i
    Canon MVX330i, MV X330i, MVX-330i
    Canon MVX350i, MV X350i, MVX-350i
    Canon VIXIA HF R10, HFR10
    Canon VIXIA HF R11, HFR11
    Canon VIXIA HF R100, HFR100
    and more models.
    NB-2LH battery is the best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers:
    Canon BP-2L5, BP2L5, BTI-CNNB2L, Battery-Biz B-9581, BatteryValues B-9581, BTI BTI-CNNB2L, Canon 7302A001AA, Canon DDNB-2L, Canon HS-DCL2L, Canon LIC2L12, Canon NB2L, Canon NB2LH, Canon NB-2L, Canon NB-2LH, Delkin DDNB-2L, DigiPower BP-CN2L, DSMiller B-9581, Duracell DRC2L, Duracell DRC2LRES, Energizer ER-D120, GP VCL004, Hahnel HL-HL-2L, Hama 47219, Hi-Capacity B-9581, IDP PR-109DG, Lenmar DLC2L, Lenmar DLC2L12, Lenmar LIC2LI2, Maxell B-9581, Maxell DC3778, Polaroid B-9581, Polaroid PR-109DG, Power Battery BP-CN2L, Rayovac RV-DC1200, Sakar BP-2LCL, Uniross VB102186, US Power BCD1067, Varta P38, Vivanco BP-0567.

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