NP-80 NP-82 NP-80DBA NP-82DBA Li-Ion Battery for Casio Exilim Cameras - Replacement

  • Technical Specifications:

    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    • Output Volts: 3.6v / 3.7v
    • AmpHours: 700 mAh
    • Type: Generic


    • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments and chargers
    • Ultra higher capacity in runtime compared to original battery packs
    • Premium Li-Ion Cell
    • Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime
    • Low impedance battery design
    • 12 months warranty


    Our NP-80 / NP-82 battery is designed to power up Casio Exilim cameras. The battery is rated at 900mAh and fully compatible with the following Casio camera models:

    EX-FR10, EXFR10, FR10
    EX-G1, EXG1, G1
    EX-H5, EXH5, H5
    EX-H50, EXH50, H50
    EX-H60, EXH60, H60
    EX-JE10, EXJE10, JE10
    EX-MR1, EXMR1, MR1
    EX-N1, EXN1, N1
    EX-N10 EXN10, N10
    EX-N2, EXN2, N2
    EX-N20, EXN20, N20
    EX-N5, EXN5, N5
    EX-N50, EXN50, N50
    EX-S5, EXS5, S5
    EX-S6, EXS6, S6
    EX-S7, EXS7, S7
    EX-S8, EXS8, S8
    EX-S9, EXS9, S9
    EX-Z1, EXZ1, Z1
    EX-Z2, EXZ2, Z2
    EX-Z16, EXZ16, Z16
    EX-Z27, EXZ27, Z27
    EX-Z28, EXZ28, Z28
    EX-Z32, EXZ32, Z32
    EX-Z33, EXZ33, Z33
    EX-Z35, EXZ35, Z35
    EX-Z37, EXZ37, Z37
    EX-Z42, EXZ42, Z42
    EX-Z88, EXZ88, Z88
    EX-Z115, EXZ115, Z115
    EX-Z270, EXZ270, Z270
    EX-Z280, EXZ280, Z280
    EX-Z335, EXZ335, Z335
    EX-Z350, EXZ350, Z350
    EX-Z550, EXZ550, Z550
    EX-Z670, EXZ670, Z670
    EX-Z800, EXZ800, Z800
    EX-ZS5, EXZS5, ZS5
    EX-ZS6, EXZS6, ZS6
    EX-ZS50, EXZS50, ZS50
    EX-ZS100, EXZS100, ZS100
    EX-ZS150, EXZS150, ZS150
    EX-ZS160, EXZS160, ZS160
    EX-ZS180, EXZS180, ZS180
    EX-ZS200, EXZS200, ZS200
    EX-ZS220, EXZS220, ZS220
    QV-R70, QVR70, R70
    QV-R80, QVR80, R80
    QV-R100, QVR100, R100
    QV-R200, QVR200, R200
    QV-R300, QVR300, R300

    and more models.

    Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: Casio NP-80, NP80, Casio NP-80DBA, NP80DBA, NP-82, NP82, Casio NP-82DBA, NP82DBA.

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