Olympus LI-10B LI-12B Camera Battery Replacement

  • Technical Specifications:

    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    • Output Volts: 3.7v
    • AmpHours: 980 mAh
    • Type: Generic
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: 1.80 x 1.25 x 0.40


    • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments and chargers
    • Premium Japanese Cell
    • Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime
    • Low impedance battery design
    • 12 months warranty
    • Type: Generic


    Our LI-10B battery for Olympus cameras is 100% OEM compatible and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The LI-10B is rated at 1000 mAh and designed for high performance and safety. The battery is fully compatible with the following Olympus camera models:
    Olympus Digital Stylus 300
    Olympus Digital Stylus 400
    Olympus Digital Stylus 410
    Olympus i:robe IR-500
    Olympus C-50 Zoom, C50 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-470 Zoom, C470 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-50 Zoom, C50 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-5000 Zoom, C5000 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-60 Zoom, C60 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-70 Zoom, C70 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-7000, C7000 Zoom
    Olympus Camedia C-760 Ultra Zoom, C760
    Olympus Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom, C765
    Olympus Camedia C-770 Ultra Zoom, C770
    Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom, D590
    Olympus Camedia X-1, X1
    Olympus Camedia X-2, X2
    Olympus Camedia X-3, X3
    Olympus Camedia X-500, X500
    Olympus FE-200, FE200
    Olympus MJU 10
    Olympus MJU 20
    Olympus MJU 300
    Olympus MJU 400
    Olympus MJU 410 Digital
    Olympus MJU Ferrari
    Olympus Stylus 300
    Olympus Stylus 300 Digital
    Olympus Stylus 400
    Olympus Stylus 400 Digital
    Olympus Stylus 410
    Olympus Stylus 410 Digital
    Olympus Stylus 500 Digital
    Olympus Stylus 600 Digital
    Olympus Stylus 800 Digital
    Olympus Stylus 810
    Olympus Stylus 1000
    Olympus IR-500, IR500
    and more models.
    Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers:
    Mr.Battery 120-OP001-10-0, Mr.Battery 120-OP002-00-0, Olympus 200838, Battery-Biz B-9613, BatteryValues B-9613, DSMiller B-9613, Hi-Capacity B-9613, Maxell B-9613, US Power BCD1097, Sakar BP-LI10B, DigiPower BP-OL10P, Power Battery BP-OL10P, DBL DB-L10, Sanyo DB-L10, Maxell DC3710, Delkin DDLI-10B, Olympus DDLI-10B, Lenmar DLO10B, Duracell DROL10, Duracell DROL10RES, Energizer ER-D500, Olympus LI-10B, LI10B, Olympus LI-12B.

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